ND Clinic Providers

Joel AgrestaJoel Agresta, PT, DC
Areas of Focus: Physical Medicine, Sports Medicine
Megan Golani ND
Tammy Ashney, ND
Areas of Focus: Hormone Balance, Women's
Health, Environmental Medicine
Melanie Henriksen, ND, LAc, CNM
Areas of Focus: Hormone Balance, Naturopathic / Chinese Medicine Integration, Pediatrics, Women’s Health
Amy Bader, ND
Areas of Focus: Drainage Therapy, Geriatrics, Hormone Balance, Weight Management
Tim Irving, DC, MS, LMT
Area of Focus: Physical Medicine
Alicia Bigelow, NDAlicia Bigelow, ND
Areas of Focus: Environmental Medicine, IV Therapy
Paul Kalnins, ND, LAc
Areas of Focus: Anthroposophically-Oriented Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathic / Chinese Medicine Integration
Chris Browne, DC
Area of Focus: Physical Medicine
Dohn Kruschwitz, MD, ND
Areas of Focus: Men’s Health, Minor Surgery
Joel AgrestaLaurent Chaix, NDGaia Mather, ND Area of Focus: Hydrotherapy
Loch Chandler, ND, MSOMJessica Nagelkirk, ND
Regina Dehen, ND, MAcOMAndrea Partel, ND, MSA
Daniel DeLapp, DCDaniel DeLapp, DCSteven Sandberg-Lewis, ND
Areas of Focus: Gastroenterology, Neurofeedback / Biofeedback, SIBO
Durr Elmore, DCLisa Taulbee, ND
Area of Focus: Colposcopy, Hormone Balance, Women’s Health
Maleah Ermac, NDKimberly Windstar, MEd, ND
Areas of Focus: Colposcopy, Drainage Therapy, Hormone Balance, Women’s Health
Sheryl Estlund, ND
Areas of Focus: Minor Surgery, Physical Medicine, Pain Management, Dermatology, Emergency and Acute care
Matthew Zorn, ND
Leslie Fuller, ND
Areas of Focus: IV therapy, lifestyle modification, nutrition, herbal remedies, physical medicine.

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