Clinic Private Providers

The NCNM Clinic offers more than our teaching shifts. A number of NCNM faculty members and other local health care providers see patients privately at our clinic. These private practitioners house their health care services at the NCNM Clinic for our proximity to the college, availability of equipment and access to electronic health records.

Many of the private practitioners are paneled with insurance companies. The private practitioners set their own fees and do not follow the same time of service fee structure that is available on the teaching shifts. 

Call the NCNM Clinic at 503.552.1551 to find out more.

Private Providers

Audrey Bergsma, ND
Area of Focus: Gastroenterology
Brandt Stickley, LAc
Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND
Areas of Focus: Gastroenterology, SIBO
Sandy Szabat, ND