Community Clinics

The National College of Natural Medicine Community Clinics are a member of the Coalition of Community Health Clinics and offer low-cost healthcare delivered by naturopathic physicians and Chinese medicine practitioners at many sites in the Portland Metro area.

We operate in conjunction with other community organizations and utilize space in their facilities to offer teaching clinics during the listed hours.

All of our locations are open to the entire community for a visit fee which ranges from $20 to $50. We offer interpretation services at no cost to the patient. Primary care is offered at all locations and some clinics can offer more in-depth procedures such as gynecological exams.

Volunteer at a Community Clinic

We are looking for volunteers and interns to assist in the operations our community clinics. Interested? Please contact our Internship & Volunteer Coordinator.

Schedule an Appointment-Para Hacer una Cita

Community Clinics Schedule Line: 503.552.1515
Mondays—Fridays, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Para hacer una cita llame al: 503.552.1502
Servicios de interpretación gratuitos son ofrecidos en todas las clínicas comunitarias.
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Our Mission

NCNM clinics provide integrative primary care and natural healthcare services, including naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine, to diverse patient populations in Portland and surrounding communities. We provide in-depth clinical training for our students and research opportunities in the emerging field of integrative care, while we educate, treat and empower patients to lead healthier lives.