General Prescription & Product Information

medicinary_productsAll products prescribed by your doctor are to be prepared and/or taken as instructed.  If you are unsure how to prepare or take your prescription, please contact your practitioner or student intern. Essential oils are for external use only unless otherwise prescribed by a practitioner.


Store all products in a cool dry place or refrigerate if indicated. Do not expose homeopathic medications to aromatic substances such as camphor or mint and do not expose container to direct sunlight.

Prescription Expiration

All prescriptions are intended to be used at the time they are prescribed.  Prescriptions are considered no longer valid if they have not been filled within 3 months of original prescription date. Chinese herbal formulas are considered no longer valid if there has been an interruption of more than 3 month between any two refills.

Side Effects

Any product can potentially cause side effects. Please ask your healthcare provider if you have concerns about potential side effects or contraindications with current medication.  If you experience any unexplained side effects stop taking the product and call your practitioner who will advise you further.

Chinese Bulk Herbs

All Chinese bulk herbs are intended to be cooked and are not to be ingested in their raw un-cooked form.


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please consult your provider before you use any product from the NCNM Medicinary.

Contact the Clinic Medicinary

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Directions to the Medicinary

Parking for the Medicinary is accessible from SW Porter St.