Information for Customers

Do your offer discounts?

Honored Citizen (seniors) and Veteran discounts are offered every day of the week. Please alert our staff if you qualify for these discounts. We also offer a quantity discount for six or more of the same item and free shipping for purchases over $300.

How do I refill my prescriptions?

As long as your provider has authorized refills on your prescription, all you need to do is call us or stop in to the Medicinary to have it refilled. If you are out of refills on your prescription you will need to contact your provider, unless your product is available without a prescription, in which case we will fill your order as an over–the–counter product. We suggest that you contact your provider to check if you should still be taking the product.

Why won’t you give me advice on which product to take?

It is against our policy for any Medicinary employee to give medical advice at any time. For example, our staff cannot comment on doses or formulations of prescriptions. The clinic providers and/or your own provider offer services where medical advice is given.  Read NCNM’s Medical Advice Policy.

What we can do:
Our staff can inform you about general product information, and source of knowledge, without making any claims. For example, if you ask about a product to “boost your immunity” we will inform you of the range of pre–formulated products. We will not suggest which one you should take or recommend any customized formulation.

Why can’t I send the prescription via this website or via an email?

In order to protect patient privacy, we do not accept prescriptions either through this website or via email.  We happily receive prescriptions via fax at 503.827.8460, by telephone at 503.552.1999 or in person. Read the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices and Consent.

Will you bill my insurance company?

We do not bill your insurance company for you. We do provide receipts for every purchase at our Medicinary. If you lose your receipt, please feel free to contact us for a copy. We will need your name, the date of your purchase and a completed Release of Records. Download NCNM’s Release of Medical Records.

I have allergies, is there anything I need to know?

Although we maintain a scrupulously clean facility, some customers with very severe allergies need to know that NCNM Medicinary is a facility that handles soy, wheat, gluten, fish and nuts. Patients are responsible for reading product labels for allergens before purchasing.

Why do some of your products require a prescription?

There are many products available in the wider market without a prescription that NCNM believes are more safely used in the context of the provider/patient relationship and so requires a prescription in NCNM’s Medicinary.

Contact the Clinic Medicinary

3025 SW Corbett Avenue
Portland, OR 97201
On the corner of SW Porter St. and Corbett Ave.
Phone: 503.552.1999
Fax: 503.827.8460

Directions to the Medicinary

Parking for the Medicinary is accessible from SW Porter St.