Medicinary Staff

Our Team

Audrey Bergsma, NDMedicinaries Manager
Micaela Angle, LAcAncillary Services Quality Assurance and Risk Manager
Jennifer Brusewitz, NDMedicinary Development Supervisor
Jennifer BaierMedicinaries Associate Manager
Xander Kahn, LAcMedicinary Service Representative II
Erin Moreland, LAcMedicinary Service Representative II
Michelle Denker, LAcMedicinary Service Representative I
Sarah Evans, LAcMedicinary Service Representative I
Teresa Gryder NDMedicinary Service Representative I
Margaret Havlik , NDMedicinary Service Representative I
Dana Herms, NDMedicinary Service Representative I
Audra LeeMedicinary Service Representative I
Kristy ViachesMedicinary Service Representative I
Nichole WrightActing Director of Ancillary Services
Leah BurchAncillary Services Operations Supervisor
Elisa FinosRetail Representative
Allyson KohlmannRetail Representative
Riley SnyderRetail Representative

Medicinary Location

NCNM Clinic
3025 SW Corbett Avenue
Portland, OR 97201
Ph: 503.552.1999 | Fax: 503.827.8460
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Clinic Emergency Evacuation Plan