Cost of Care & Insurance

Cost of Care at NCNM Teaching Clinics

Natural medicine is not only safe and effective, it is also very affordable. You can expect to pay visit fees that are well below the market average for both naturopathic medicine and classical Chinese medicine. These fees apply to patients who pay in full at the time of their visit.

Discount Prices on Teaching Shift Office Visits–Effective April 1, 2015

NCNM Clinic has been happy to offer our non-insured & under-insured patients,* office visit discounts for our patients that pay at check-in for their appointment. This is called a time of service discount. We will continue to provide affordable care to our patients. Due to the rise in administrative and medical supply costs we find it necessary to present a modest increase of our prices for the time of service discount.**

Office visit fees (time of service)

Naturopathic Medicine
New patient office visit:  $65
Return office visit:  $30
Hydrotherapy: $15

Classical Chinese Medicine
New patient office visit:  $65
Return office visit:  $30
Group acupuncture visit: $10

These prices apply to naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine appointments. The prices do not include private shift appointments, IV Therapy, colposcopy, minor surgery supplies, lab or medicinary.

If a patient does not pay for their visit prior to leaving the Clinic, they will be billed the non-discounted price for the office visit. The non-discounted prices can range from $45 to $355. If a patient pays the discounted price at the time of service, we will not supply an insurance claim form.

*We require patients with some insurance plans to sign a waiver noting that they are aware that they are responsible for payment of specific services according to their insurance plan benefits. For example, if your insurance plan does not cover hydrotherapy by signing the waiver you agree to pay for the service. If you pay at check-in the Clinic you will get the discount. If you leave without paying, you will be billed the non-discounted amount.

**All NCNM Clinic’s time of service discounts are subject to change.


Many insurance carriers cover alternative treatment. We will work with you to verify your insurance and determine your level of coverage. We ask that you allow us five business days to verify your insurance coverage. Until your insurance is verified, you are asked to pay in full at our standard rates and we will reimburse you any payments received.

Download our financial agreement.